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Delivery Van

International Door to Door  Shipping to Ghana

UK’s NO1 Door to Door shipping company, offering a One Stop service for all your shipping needs. Our punctual collection and speedy delivery gives you peace of mind. We are unbeaten on price, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We handle the customs clearance, saving you precious time, effort and money.

A Port Worker
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Household & Commercial

We ship anything from cars, suitcases, and washing machines, to commercial tools and equipment.

  • We’ll deliver what’s most important to you

  • Safe and free storage before shipping

  • Wrap and pack service available

Why us?

  • Reliable & safe service

  • Honesty, professional staff

  • Great communication

  • Best customer service

  • On time service

  • Best available market rates

  • Door to door delivery

  • Assistance in packing

  • Packing materials - boxes, barrels, shrink wrap, tape, available. 

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